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Promoting Compassion, Rescuing Animals, Protecting Habitat, Stopping Cruelty

Animal Protection & Rescue League’s Orange County chapter is devoted to ending animal cruelty and suffering through education, outreach, direct action and personal change. We encourage people and organizations to rethink the use of animals for food, clothing and entertainment.

We’ve launched campaigns to oppose fur, rodeos, foie gras, animal circuses, elephant rides, puppy mills, and other cruel practices. We advocate a plant-based diet, and our potlucks and other dining events feature vegan menus.

APRL is a grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The OC chapter is staffed entirely by volunteers and relies on donations to support our mission of helping animals.

APRL Sponsored Trip to the Gentle Barn

Nine members of a student group called Paramount Animal Warriors (PAWZ) enjoyed their 4th Annual trip to Gentle Barn on February 26, 2017. A little rain did not hinder these sixth grade girls from meeting the Gentle Barn family of goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, cows, turkeys, donke

ys, and "King" the llama. The girls spent a muddy but fun time in the barnyard. They each held a chicken, and commented on the birds' soft feathers and sweet personalities. The girls fed (nervously at first) many carrots to the horses. They brushed and hugged the cows. The girls learned a lot from GB's volunteers, and had their first vegan hot dogs. They even spotted a teen "celebrity" at Gentle Barn, which added to the day. Thank you APRL for helping to make this trip possible!

Catmobile Transport Mission, March 26-27, 2016

Alicia Koberstein

It was a whirlwind two-day roundtrip from Newport Beach to El Dorado Hills (near Sacramento), California. Our mission was to deliver one cat to the Fat Kitty City sanctuary, while transporting several others partway on their journey to Maine Coon Adoptions in Oakland. Our trip home included the transport of a sweet Chihuahua from Modesto, who was being taken in by Paws Pet Ranch in Palm Springs.

Kathleen Lee served as my copilot and all-around helper. I couldn't have done it without her! Our mission was completed successfully, with all passengers delivered safely to their destinations. Their roadtrip is over. Now their real journey continues...

Update on the Catalina Harbor Cat Project:

June 26, 2015

Alicia Koberstein

The Big Roundup at Cat Harbor took place March 17-20, 2015. A team of dedicated, highly skilled volunteers were transported from San Pedro, CA to Two Harbors on Catalina Island aboard a private boat. They worked tirelessly all day and throughout the night, humanely trapping cats for two days before the arrival of the veterinary team, who were flown to Catalina by three volunteer private pilots. A total of 29 cats were trapped and cared for over the course of the four days. Each cat received expert medical care which included sterilization if needed, along with an identifying eartip, vaccinations, antibiotics, parasite treatment, and a microchip.

Despite the unorthodox setting of our "clinic" (the galley of the Del Rey Yacht Club), the vets worked as seamlessly as if they were in a professional hospital. And even though their patients were members of an outdoor colony, each cat received the same high-level quality of care as the most pampered housecat.

Following the Big Roundup, several cats were transported off the island. Some were placed into adoptive homes, and four were relocated via private plane to Dallas, Oregon, where they were reunited with their former caretaker at her sanctuary there.

Our unprecedented mission was proclaimed a resounding success. The Catalina Harbor Cats’ caretakers continue to provide daily food and water, and monitor the colony for any new cats who need to be fixed.

As an ongoing project, donations are still needed to help cover the cost of food, transportation, and medical services for the cats. IMPORTANT: To ensure that your online PayPal donation goes directly to the Cat Harbor cats instead of the general fund, please enter “Cat Harbor cats” under the “add special instructions to recipient” link on the amount confirmation page. If paying by check, please note “Cat Harbor cats” on the memo line. Thank you!

To donate towards this campaign please click on the "donate" button at the top right corner of this page.

Visit our Shutterfly page to view picture of the ongoing project.

Fashion Tips for Animal Activists

May 3, 2015

By Robyn

  1. Be able to run in 100% of the shoes you own (or have a spare pair). Stray dogs are often fast and impossible to catch. Your shoes shouldn’t be the reason he got away.
  2. If you find yourself without a leash, sometimes a belt, scarf, or even a bra can suffice.
  3. Lint rollers are for special occasions.
  4. That $200 purse = 6 spayed/neutered cats (TNR!)
  5. Shop with other activists so you don’t have to explain those sudden detours (“Is that real fur?”)
  6. Look at Vogue magazine while in checkout lines to keep track of which designers, models, and celebrities are promoting fur. Mistakenly replace magazine behind Veg News.
  7. Carry a messenger style purse so you’re “hands-free” to leaflet, hold a protest sign, or walk multiple dogs
  8. Have one child-friendly clothing item or accessory (an elephant t shirt or a zebra-ear headband). Circus workers and SeaWorld trainers can’t look like the nice ones.
  9. Have one conservative outfit. If you want to speak to a city council considering a pet shop ban, the irony of your “Be Kind to Animals or I’ll Kill You” t-shirt might be missed.
  10. Hold an animal-fundraiser yard sale or donate unwanted clothes to the APRL thrift store in San Diego! 

The GO VEGAN Billboard Campaign

These two billboards went up on December 30, 2014, next to the I-5 freeway in Los Angeles. Together, they are getting 300,000 impressions per day, or 2 million impressions per week! They're turning heads and helping create new vegans every day.

It would be great to keep them up longer and move them around to increase their exposure. Depending on location, it costs $5,000 per month or more to run billboards like these in high-visibility locations (it cost $13,500, including fees to design and create the vinyl layouts, for the first month). The Orange County chapter of Animal Protection & Rescue League (with assistance from PETA, which provided a generous grant) spent most of its annual budget already on the billboards and lacks the funds to keep them up longer.

To donate towards this campaign please click on the "donate" button at the top right corner of this page.

Help the Catalina Harbor Cats

-Alicia Snelen Koberstein

There is a colony of more than 30 feral cats living in the rugged landscape of Catalina ("Cat") Harbor on Catalina Island. The caretaker is overwhelmed, and the population is not yet controlled. Some of the cats have sustained permanent injuries from dog attacks and mean people. 

I've vowed to help, and have started a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN to provide needed services such as food, shelter, and medical aid. I wish to get a spay/neuter project soon underway in order to stop the population from expanding. Time is of the essence, before "kitten season". The result will be beneficial to the cats as well as the humans who share their island home. But it will be a challenging project due to the location. Transportation of cats, personnel, and supplies will require a team effort. We need help!

Tax-deductible donations of any amount to the Animal Protection and Rescue League are greatly needed and appreciated. Click on the "Donate" button on this page. Once you reach the confirmation page, click on the link "Add special instructions to recipient", and type "Cat Harbor Cats" so that your donation will be directed to this project. Alternately, if you'd like to pay by check, make it payable to APRL, noting Cat Harbor Cats on the memo line, and mail to:


17595 Harvard Avenue, Suite C515

Irvine, CA 92614

Be sure to check out and “like” the Catalina Harbor Cats facebook page for updates on the project. If you’d like more information about this project, or to find out other ways you can help, please contact Alicia at [email protected]. We’re seeking boaters who’d volunteer to transport personnel and supplies to the island, and are also looking for veterinarians to donate their services. Please help by spreading the word!

On April 24, 2016 APRL sponsored a 2nd Field Trip to Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita for members of the Paramount Animal Club from the Paramount Unified School District. The kids enjoyed hanging out with the over 200 rescued farm animals.

A Thank You from Hendrix!!

June 26, 2015

By Robyn

A student found a young pit bull who was injured and sick. They took the dog named Hendrix to an emergency vet that was costly but produced little remedy. They did not have money to further investigate and just kept hoping he'd improve. He continued to lose weight, and his injured leg worsened. APRL agreed to assist with vet care and recovery. Hendrix was diagnosed with a broken leg and it was revealed through Xray that he had eaten a leash clip and a small battery (he's a puppy). He was treated, and is now recovering. Hendricks' family is grateful to APRL for helping their new family member. He's a lucky guy because pit bulls do not fare well in the area in which he was found.